▲ What is your lead time for your USB Flash Drives?
For most of our USB Flash Drives the lead time is 7 days, however, for some models it does take a little longer.
▲ How many MP3s can I save onto a USB Flash Drive?
Of course this depends on the capacity of the flash drive; a good rule of thumb is 250 mp3s per Gigabyte.
▲ How do you format the USB Flash Drives?
We format the USB Drives as local disks by default but we can also format them as removable storage.
▲ How can I place an order with you?
Contact us by email or online chatting and one of our account managers will be in touch.
▲ Can I preload content onto the USB Flash Drives?
Yes we are able to carry out most data preloading requests.
▲ Can you get my promotional material to start up automatically upon insertion into the USB Port?
Yes you can,autorunfeatures are one of our solutions.
▲ Is your wooden flash drive made from a sustainable source?
Yes it is, our wooden flash drives are PEFC certified.
▲ We manufacture our flash drives in our own factory. Most of our competitors are resellers who don't
Certainly, we care about the environment and are a Carbon Neutral Company. We also offer scholarships to outstanding Chinese Students to help them get a good education.
▲ What distinguishes you from the competition?
We manufacture our flash drives in our own factory. Most of our competitors are resellers who don't have the control over their supply chain that we do and because of this they can't offer the quality or speed of service that we can.
▲ I have 3 distinct colours on my company's logo which branding method do you recommend?
For logos with 5 or less distinct colours we recommend screen printing.
▲ What is the most popular choice of flash drive among businesses?
The professional flash drive is very popular nowadays, it used to be the classic flash drive but it's close.
▲ What is the difference between a USB Flash Drive and a USB Memory Stick?
Nothing, they're different names for the same thing.
▲ What is your biggest flash drive?
Our flash drives go up to 16gb but some only go up to 8gb.

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