About us

Hida Electronics Co., Ltd has its own professional Usb Flash Drives manufacturing factory, which is concentrate on OEM, and has a group of professional experienced workers and designing and molding business cooperators. It is following ODM, OEM orders. The company has rich experience in producing gift Usb Flash Drivess, advertising Usb drives, and Usb pen drives of functional software application. And there are all kinds of types of Usb Flash Drives, such as: leather Usb Drives, wooden USB memory stick, credit card pendrive, metal Usb disk, plastic Usb flash stick, mini Usb key, cartoon Usb pen drives, Usb Flash Drives pen, Usb Flash Drives watches and so on.

Service range:

  OEM Usb Flash Drives, Usb Flash Drives processing, Usb Flash Drives OEM, Usb Flash Drives design and Usb Flash Drives molding business, specialized in production of gift Usb Flash Drives, advertising Usb Flash Drives, Usb Flash Drives pen, Usb Flash Drives watches, fingerprint Usb Flash Drives, silicone Usb Flash Drives, metal Usb Flash Drives, jewelry Usb Flash Drives, leather Usb Flash Drives, doll Usb Flash Drives, memory cards and other storage products.

Factory location:

  Our production center is located in the Bantian industrial section of Shenzhen's Longgang District  Shenzhen city. The factory equipped with advanced production facilities, with 1000 square meters of anti-static plant, which could produce more than 12000units per day. With such a powerful capacity, it could sufficiently deal with all the orders. Welcome all the friends to visit the factory.

Technical team:

  Our company is dedicated to Mobile Storage Products research and development, manufacturing and marketing. With strong engineering and technical force, our company collected a group of professional product designing and developing team with electronic technology keeping innovation. Our company continuously improves the quality and technical content of product, and provides the best performance product to our customers. It is the best partner of leading companies for gifts promotion, and also the best choice of foreign company.

Quality monitoring:

  We have three strictly test to control the quality of product. One is the full inspection of all incoming materials, the second is the full inspection of all semi-finished products, and the third is the full inspection after loaded shell, then packing for shipments. All this is to ensure that our customers will get high quality product. All of products have meet CE, FCC, RoHS and other standards.

After service:

  Our factory doesn’t make poor quality and low price products (one can not find low price with high quality goods in the world). You may feel you could get a high profit with low price, but with a second thinking, the repairing works of those poor quality goods would just give you so much trouble, as a result, your total costing won’t be any less. What’s more, you have lost your good reputation in customers, and reputation is more important than money for our businessman. So all the customers who want order Usb Flash Drives please “think twice before leap”! As for Usb Flash Drives made in our company, products made of chips have 5 years warranty, of black gel 1 year!

Ad-value service:

  We can make pre-loaded documents (can be deleted), auto-play files, customer identification and other ad-value services for our customers, to significantly enhance the marketing and promotion of customer’s products and corporate image. Still, we could provide computer lock, encrypted partition, and the user identification and other value-added features.

  Statement: This website provides you the latest Usb Flash Drives offer, Usb Flash Drives product images, and introduction of Usb Flash Drives. Due to too many products of Usb Flash Drives, there may exist omissions, customers on line should rely on the real product purchased.

  We would like to be your reliable USB Flash Drive Manufacturer and welcome to visit our factory.

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